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a yuppies paradise

fuck you, chicago, and your CTA fare hikes. which, incidentally, i'd be down for if it actually allowed for improved service, but no.

fuck you, chicago, and your cigarette tax increase, coming just days after the smoking ban. a smoking ban!? i mean, what the fuck is that all about? if you're worried about the public health, how about those fucking power plants on teh south side?? or hey, how about some fucking health care!?!? theres a novel idea. granted, i know this doesnt come on the city level, but it'd be nice to know that my extra dollar a day is going toward something tangible. (better schools? cheaper tuition? nah, screw that. lets line the pockets of city hall.)

Dear Chicago of 2016,

i'm just wondering if anyone currently living in your city makes less than 100,000 a year. because, the way things are going, the way things look on the first day of 2006, that wont be possible. my cheap, affordable apartment, which sits in the armpit of rogers park is about to be gentrified in favor of condos.

whats that? oh, yea, they DID give me a first look option, you're right. but i mean, i'm barely pulling in 300 a week, so the notion of buying a condo is about as foreign to me as a trip to the moon.


Former Resident
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I say... if they're going to go with this smoking ban bullshit... they need to ban ANYTHING that isn't good for people. I'm allergic to flowers and I have allergy enduced athsma. Ban flowers because they could potentially kill me!

People do not think.

And as for how expensive everything is... when I first looked into studio apartments in Chicago, the lowest price I could find was 600 a month. In my home town, I can find a pretty decent studio apartment for 250-350 a month. Booooooooooooogus.
indeed. its so over-priced, its absurd. chicago was originally a blue collar, working class city.

my how things have changed.


January 6 2006, 15:44:40 UTC 12 years ago

The CTA fares remain the same if you get a Chicago card. Not too much hassle and very convenient I must say.
Universal health care would be nice but that won't really stop lung cancer unless there's a tube running in and out of your body 24-7 maybe. Not a good way to spend our tax money or your measly 300 dollars a week.
We should complain more about parking prices (lots and meters). That's where the greed lies.
i just feel, and correct me if i'm wrong, that the city has more important things to worry about than whether or not people in restaurants smoke.

i think it should be left up to the individual restaurant whether or not they want to go non-smoking. but the uptight business-men, people who own and run these places, are afraid to make that decision themselves. they're afraid people will say, "oh, i wont go there if i cant smoke"

i know this because this is why the manager of the restaurant where i work supports the smoking ban.


January 9 2006, 16:10:22 UTC 12 years ago

There are absolutely more important things for them to be working on, but that can apply to a lot of things the city does. I don't think it should be up to each restaurant to decide though. Just like it's not up to them to decide if they want handicapped accessibility, etc. Some things are just better for the general public (health). Smoking is still legal so it's only an inconvenience in these establishments, not an outright oppression.

I don't understand why your manager supports the ban if he/she's afraid people won't go if they can't smoke. Did you mean your manager DOESN'T support the ban? I'm confused.
he supports the ban because he's afraid that if his business is one of a few non-smoking places, then people will not frequent his establishment.

yes, some things such as handicap accessibility ARE better for the public. but this is why there exists smoking sections and non-smoking sections. you have the option, as we should being that this is supposedly a free society, to sit in whichever you choose. if you dont want to smell the smoke, you dont sit in smoking.

and don't give me this crap about "well, what about when i go to bars?" cigarette smoke is as much a staple of bars as the lonely drunk guy in the corner or the faint scent of vomit in the bathroom. yeah, yeah, i know. "second hand smoke is bad for your health"

but only after a signifigant amount of time and smoke. a study i read in college showed that a non-smoker living with a smoker increases his odds of getting cancer by as little as 1%. so if you spend so much time at the bar that the cigarette smoke is harming you, then i dont think LUNG cancer is your biggest problem. maybe work on the liver first.


January 9 2006, 22:48:51 UTC 12 years ago

Non-smoking sections are a joke. You can't tell me that sitting in the non-smoking section means you are clean and free from the smoke. That doesn't happen anywhere (99.9% of anywhere). People aren't 'free' to avoid the smoke in any of these establishments. If the option is just not to go then all hail the redneck Patriotic slogan, 'Love it or leave it' instead of making a positive change to current conditions. I'm having a really hard time sympathizing with people who want to smoke in restaurants and not seeing them as anything but entirely selfish and uncaring of anyone else's feelings/health. Bars are a different debate, but you aren't forcing alcohol down anyone's throat there either. It's funny how most people can't even fathom going to a bar without having a drink and/or a smoke. That's all fine and dandy, but it's not a 'right' to do so.

The research on second hand smoke keeps coming back with different conclusions by different studies. I'd have to do a bit of research myself to find out who's running these studies and who's paying for them. You can usually get to the truth if you follow the money.
I just came from Chicago a few days ago, and boy did I have to endure a lot of angry bitching about the CTA rate hikes. My mother has to deal with Metra's shit AS WELL AS CTA. So of course she's pretty fucking heated.
this is why i prefer moscow....
Selfishly, I welcome a smoking ban. I don't smoke; haven't in 10 years. I'll like not having to spray febreeze on my coat after spending a night out at a bar because it smells like stale cigarettes while nothing else I own does. I'll like not having to leave a bar when someone lights up a cigar because (allergies) they make me unable to breathe. Hey, they have every right to smoke 'em now, that's why I leave. I'm the one with the problem, not the cigar smoker. So I leave. So in a couple of years the table will be turned and if they wanna smoke, they'll leave and I'll stay. But actually, by then, this city's shitty weather will have driven me out and I'll be in some other city that'lll hop on the bandwagon and contemplate banning smoking and this whole thing'll start all over again. Wheeeee!!!


February 24 2006, 17:11:16 UTC 11 years ago

ban that shit! word.