The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in chicagoblows,
The Abominable Chax

Hey DePaul Fuckwits!

Hey Fuckwits at DePaul:

That Dominick's on Fullerton is not your personal study space. You pay $20K a year for a very fancy one down the street called the library. Dominick's has set up that little dining area so you can sit your ass down between classes and grab a quick bite. Those gigantic tables that are meant for four people are not there for you to buy a measly fucking bottle of water and then set up camp for the day.

Why the hell would you come to a busy, crowded grocery to study anyway? No wonder you're a fifth year senior.

In fact, let's open this up to all college students: Everyone hates you and you aren't special. Some people actually go to places like Starbuck's and Dominick's to buy food and consume it. And we reeeeallllly hate it when you jizzsuckers think that your academic privilege somehow extends to taking up great swathes of space that could be used by paying customers. And if you insist upon doing this, couldn't you at least buy one item for every hour you take up instead of nursing that 50 cent soda for the entire day?

The only time I will make an exception is if you are one of the only people in the shop and it's a slow day. Then you can lounge to your hearts content since you aren't interferring with the other customers.

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