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aggravated about sublet [30 Oct 2008|10:27pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I have a 3 bedroom sublet/rerent that I can't get rented! it's just north of Howard and Ridge, we've showed it a million times, it's a little place with a dishwasher and laundry just out your door, garden apartment for $925.... it would be PERFECT for a coupla students. And I can;t believe the time and money I've put into advertising and it STILL HASNT RENTED>

shoot me if I ever become a landlord.

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[10 Oct 2007|09:05pm]

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the #151, sheridan road; chicago

have you heard the exciting news???
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looptopia [11 May 2007|08:34am]

in the chicago loop, dusk till dawn

you'll find me in the THEATRE schedule going on at 10pm: THEATRE/NIGHTS OF WHISKEY AND ROSES - i'm performing as,


the performance will be in the CHASE AUDITORIUM - 10pm at 10 s. dearborn. the link
gives you all details...

here's the link {LOOPTOPIA}...Friday May 11th,
downtown chicago - Chase Auditorium, 10pm, 10 s. dearborn, in the loop. i'd love to see LJ represent!

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ALSO - check out meryddian
she'll be showing photos as well! check out her LJ to get all the details...
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Sound Proof? [26 May 2006|07:50am]

I live in a basement apt with drop ceilings. The noise from above is ridiculous. Not from the nieghbor, more from the way the building is.
Does anyone know of ways to sound proof the ceiling? Or any other tricks to assist with noise reduction?
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Smoke Smell [10 May 2006|09:19am]

Just moved in to a new apt.
The person who lived here before smoked a ton.
Kinda smells bad...
Anyone know of any good products to get to get the smell out of carpet, walls, etc?
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a yuppies paradise [01 Jan 2006|09:38pm]

fuck you, chicago, and your CTA fare hikes. which, incidentally, i'd be down for if it actually allowed for improved service, but no.

fuck you, chicago, and your cigarette tax increase, coming just days after the smoking ban. a smoking ban!? i mean, what the fuck is that all about? if you're worried about the public health, how about those fucking power plants on teh south side?? or hey, how about some fucking health care!?!? theres a novel idea. granted, i know this doesnt come on the city level, but it'd be nice to know that my extra dollar a day is going toward something tangible. (better schools? cheaper tuition? nah, screw that. lets line the pockets of city hall.)

Dear Chicago of 2016,

i'm just wondering if anyone currently living in your city makes less than 100,000 a year. because, the way things are going, the way things look on the first day of 2006, that wont be possible. my cheap, affordable apartment, which sits in the armpit of rogers park is about to be gentrified in favor of condos.

whats that? oh, yea, they DID give me a first look option, you're right. but i mean, i'm barely pulling in 300 a week, so the notion of buying a condo is about as foreign to me as a trip to the moon.


Former Resident
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SO THIS IS THE NEW YEAR [01 Jan 2006|03:58pm]

[ mood | angsty ]




chicago,i love you to death and i want you tatooed all over my body,but sometimes you honestly just suck.we're still friends,though,right? right?

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[ mood | new.oh youre so new ]

Here, on the eve of the total change around prepared for the CTA fare hikes,she vents:

i live basically as close you can get to the suburbs (river grove,norridge,harwood heights,etc.) as you possibly can without being part of the suburbs on the NW side. I am a student, I do not have a car, and basically my whole life revolves around the places that are entirely way east of me.there are no train stations near me.there are no fare card machines anywhere near me whatsoever,and although i am on foodstamps, i am not exactly the poorest of the poor. i'm there but there are so many others that are even more broke than i am.i have no job and neither do my parents,but that's another issue for another post.



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Chairman of the Board [13 Dec 2005|12:00am]

Happy 90th Birthday to Ol' Blue Eyes.

(I'm not bitching about it, I'm just spreading the good word.)
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Chicagoforpeace LJ Community [12 Dec 2005|05:32pm]

It's laughable that a group that claims to uphold personal liberties and freedoms would take away mine because I bothered asking questions about posts they made. For example, why do they claim that 100,000 people died when it's been documented that the methods used by the Johns Hopkins researchers were likely inaccurate?

An explanation for what I mean: http://www.slate.com/id/2108887/

This isn't a post regarding the validity and morality of the Iraq conflict. It's about a hypocritical, Chicago-based LJ community that looked beyond my Hello Kitty demeanor and saw a disagreeing voice and viewed it as a threat rather than an opportunity to educate.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Hello Kitty is not pleased with the stifling of our speech on that community.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Hello Kitty is also enraged at the spot-stealers of Chicago. But that has been addressed most accurately by Joeyslugs.
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Anti-Blow [11 Dec 2005|09:02pm]

After the HEAVY shovelling to get my beast of a car out, I will NEVER EVER bitch about space saving.


I under-fucking-stand.

I get it.

(This is my second city of Chicago winter, and last year well, we didn't really have a storm of the same ilk as we just had.)
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[10 Dec 2005|04:06pm]

This is just a note to the five or six couples that bumped into me while walking down Broadway today.

When there is just a little narrow patch of shoveled walkway which allows one person each way to walk down, you CAN let go of your girlfriend. She is NOT going to float away and disappear. You can walk in front of her, she can walk in front of you, whatever. Just let other people pass. Be courteous.

Thank you.
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A few words from the Mod! [09 Dec 2005|08:38pm]

For those of you that want to bitch and moan about people "saving" parking spots in the winter (after they do the work to shovel it out), here are a few kind words for you:

Fuck off.


I grew up in one of Chicago's greatest neighborhoods (Bridgeport), and every winter people would make sure to park IN FRONT of their own building so when they shoveled out their car... they would have THEIR space. I used to see everything from traffic cones & milk crates all the way to old couches being used to hold a spot. It's something we did. And god forbid anyone try to park there that wasn't a family member that already had the ok. It's the right we have. You don't like it. MOVE.

As hoodcity said, it's a tradition that only us that were born and raised here would understand.

Yes, I have seen people beaten up for such offenses. Is that wrong? Not in the least.

Now they I live in this fucking hell hole we call "the north side", the winter takes on a whole new meaning. I was knocking the snow from the car today & taking my time to shovel a bit around the spot (pretty much doing the job for someone else to park there) and some yuppie asshole had the balls to pull up and honk his horn. He called me over and actually asked me how much I was going to shovel so he could park there when I moved with no problem. I told him to go fuck himself & he still sat and waited. So did what anyone else that grew up the way I did would do.... I started shoveling the snow and throwing onto his car.

I can't wait to be back living on the south side in a few months. Everyone on the northside (mostly the fucking transplants) fucking suck.
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[09 Dec 2005|07:55pm]


If you live in Chicago, learn how to bloody drive in the snow.

This is nothing new people! It snows EVERY year, contrary to popular belief (or perhaps unpopular). You'd think after living through a winter or two or ten here, one might use that facinating thing called a brain and learn that it's not REALLY nessesary to drive 15 miles under the speed limit when no one is even in front of you, just because it snowed two days ago. Nor do you have reason to do idiotic things, that you normally woudln't do if there wasn't an ouce of snow on the ground.

The streets have been plowed, it hasn't snowed since then. They are clean, drive as normal (And be thankful that your city not only cleans almost all roads after a major snow storm, but many sidewalks too!).

Of course the presence of plowed snow might make the streets a bit narrower and less accessable, but come on guys! It's not as if you don't already live in a city where many streets are narrow with the curbs packed with parked cars. And yes I do take into account the vistors, and the toursists, and the people who recently moved from non snowy areas. But I highly doubt that this city is so full of tourists and new residents that unseasoned drivers make up the majority (unless you're in from the far out suburbs).

Get over yourselves and get over your cars, people, and just drive.

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Smoking Ban [07 Dec 2005|10:04pm]

I'm against the smoking ban, but what's this 3 years bullshit?
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[07 Dec 2005|11:24am]

I just recently moved here in September. So I don't know, maybe this is what ALL Chicago snow cone trucks do, but...

IS IT NORMAL FOR THEM TO BE OUT IN DECEMBER?? I mean, come on... who the fuck is going to buy a snow cone in December?
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Stupid Lisa Garbage Face. [16 Nov 2005|08:20pm]

I've been living in the same house in Oak Lawn for about 23 years now. I've never had a problem with traffic in my neighborhood (even though I do live right off of one of the most congested intersections in the Chicagoland area). For some reason, out of the blue, the village decided to make EVERY GOD DAMN STREET around my house either a one way street or a dead end. Now, if I want to go to or from my house I have to go AT LEAST three or four blocks out of my way just to get to the major intersection that is literally half a block from my front door. Not to mention that this new route I have to take brings me past the Metra tracks. Oh yeah, and starting in a couple of months, Metra will be running 30 trains a day across those tracks instead of the 15 a day that run now.

Also, the big bright yellow Dead End signs all over my neighborhood are a really nice touch. It would be such a shame if someone vandalized them. Tonight.
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Hey DePaul Fuckwits! [16 Nov 2005|09:56am]


Hey Fuckwits at DePaul:

That Dominick's on Fullerton is not your personal study space. You pay $20K a year for a very fancy one down the street called the library. Dominick's has set up that little dining area so you can sit your ass down between classes and grab a quick bite. Those gigantic tables that are meant for four people are not there for you to buy a measly fucking bottle of water and then set up camp for the day.

Why the hell would you come to a busy, crowded grocery to study anyway? No wonder you're a fifth year senior.

In fact, let's open this up to all college students: Everyone hates you and you aren't special. Some people actually go to places like Starbuck's and Dominick's to buy food and consume it. And we reeeeallllly hate it when you jizzsuckers think that your academic privilege somehow extends to taking up great swathes of space that could be used by paying customers. And if you insist upon doing this, couldn't you at least buy one item for every hour you take up instead of nursing that 50 cent soda for the entire day?

The only time I will make an exception is if you are one of the only people in the shop and it's a slow day. Then you can lounge to your hearts content since you aren't interferring with the other customers.

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I saw you motherfucker [06 Nov 2005|03:20pm]

To the asshole in Bridgeport who rear ended that dude on 35th last night and took off. What the fuck’s wrong with you? You don’t stop even though you’re coming up on a stop sign and there’s a car stopped in front of you, and then you take off after you slam into the other guy's rear bumper? Idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed to drive (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out you don't even have a license).

I know the people you hit chased after you, and I hope that A) they got your tag number and called the cops, or B) chased you down and beat your ass. Either option works for me.
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Salty tears. [05 Nov 2005|09:36pm]

I hate people who complain about things to me. I'm not going to pretend that I don't complain. Quite the contrary actually. I hate a lot of things (and people) and I'm not afraid to open my mouth about it. I'm complaining right now. I just don't want to sit around pretending like I'm interested in listening to anyone else's problems. Especially when they are ridiculously trite.
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