Alys (belacane) wrote in chicagoblows,


If you live in Chicago, learn how to bloody drive in the snow.

This is nothing new people! It snows EVERY year, contrary to popular belief (or perhaps unpopular). You'd think after living through a winter or two or ten here, one might use that facinating thing called a brain and learn that it's not REALLY nessesary to drive 15 miles under the speed limit when no one is even in front of you, just because it snowed two days ago. Nor do you have reason to do idiotic things, that you normally woudln't do if there wasn't an ouce of snow on the ground.

The streets have been plowed, it hasn't snowed since then. They are clean, drive as normal (And be thankful that your city not only cleans almost all roads after a major snow storm, but many sidewalks too!).

Of course the presence of plowed snow might make the streets a bit narrower and less accessable, but come on guys! It's not as if you don't already live in a city where many streets are narrow with the curbs packed with parked cars. And yes I do take into account the vistors, and the toursists, and the people who recently moved from non snowy areas. But I highly doubt that this city is so full of tourists and new residents that unseasoned drivers make up the majority (unless you're in from the far out suburbs).

Get over yourselves and get over your cars, people, and just drive.


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