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a yuppies paradise

fuck you, chicago, and your CTA fare hikes. which, incidentally, i'd be down for if it actually allowed for improved service, but no.

fuck you, chicago, and your cigarette tax increase, coming just days after the smoking ban. a smoking ban!? i mean, what the fuck is that all about? if you're worried about the public health, how about those fucking power plants on teh south side?? or hey, how about some fucking health care!?!? theres a novel idea. granted, i know this doesnt come on the city level, but it'd be nice to know that my extra dollar a day is going toward something tangible. (better schools? cheaper tuition? nah, screw that. lets line the pockets of city hall.)

Dear Chicago of 2016,

i'm just wondering if anyone currently living in your city makes less than 100,000 a year. because, the way things are going, the way things look on the first day of 2006, that wont be possible. my cheap, affordable apartment, which sits in the armpit of rogers park is about to be gentrified in favor of condos.

whats that? oh, yea, they DID give me a first look option, you're right. but i mean, i'm barely pulling in 300 a week, so the notion of buying a condo is about as foreign to me as a trip to the moon.


Former Resident
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