December 12th, 2005

Die Rebel Scum

Chicagoforpeace LJ Community

It's laughable that a group that claims to uphold personal liberties and freedoms would take away mine because I bothered asking questions about posts they made. For example, why do they claim that 100,000 people died when it's been documented that the methods used by the Johns Hopkins researchers were likely inaccurate?

An explanation for what I mean:

This isn't a post regarding the validity and morality of the Iraq conflict. It's about a hypocritical, Chicago-based LJ community that looked beyond my Hello Kitty demeanor and saw a disagreeing voice and viewed it as a threat rather than an opportunity to educate.

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Hello Kitty is not pleased with the stifling of our speech on that community.

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Hello Kitty is also enraged at the spot-stealers of Chicago. But that has been addressed most accurately by Joeyslugs.